Scrapbook is a portfolio optimisation tool allowing session based trading for market participants and operates an MTF. Orders submitted to the Scrapbook trading system directly by the participant will be entered in a matching algorithm designed to ensure optimised trade volume. All trades will be executed at an independent third party mid-price which is streamed into the platform and updates real time throughout the session..

Key Features:

  • Fully anonymous matched principal trades carried out on the MTF
  • Live mid-market price streamed directly through Interactive Data’s (IDC) Continuous Evaluated Price (CEP)
  • Implied P&L shown upon upload allowing users to revise in/out of money positions
  • Quick straight forward process via one click submission into the system
  • Post-trade available via STP, Auto-VCON and FIX trade confirmations
  • Trade allocation automated through OMGEO CTM
  • Established and diverse liquidity pool
  • No subscription or access fees. Fee is only charged on completed trades (published rate card)


  • Financials (EUR, GBP, CHF, USD)
  • Emerging Markets (EUR, GBP, CHF, USD)   
  • High Yield (USD)