Introducing our suite of products

In today's constantly evolving trading environment, characterised by regulatory and structural market changes, TrueQuote provides relevant and effective solutions to the key issues faced by institutional customers. We aim to set the standard in both solving issues of the past and innovating ideas for the future.


Products & Services that TrueQuote provides



CrossTrade is an off-venue platform, which facilitates the execution of internal cross trades. Transparent, efficient, auditable, third party pricing bringing efficiency and standardisation for institutional trade workflow.



Scrapbook is an MTF that caters that facilitates bond inventory reduction and re-balancing. Through odd lot session based trading, Scrapbook looks to offset positions allowing more flexibility for dealers to efficiently manage their trading books.



Volume Matching is an OTF auction based protocol, which offers customers the ability to trade fully anonymously at a 'mid-price' without the need to disclose direction or size.



LiquidityChain is an off-venue network, enabling market participants to discover disparate pools of liquidity by posting anonymous indications of interest and linking people together to maximise the potential to trade less liquid and time sensitive orders.